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Enhancing Your Web Experience


Found the site you were looking for but can’t remember the address now?

You have your bookmarks at work, at home, on the laptop……
and they are never set up the same?

You would use the web more but it seems to take so long to find anything?

Found some sites of interest, but there must be others too?

Welcome to BookmarkCommando .

This product has been designed to make your life easier. It will save you time and effort and make surfing the net more fun.

What does it do?

  • It remembers where you have been, and will take you back there without you having to remember the address.
  • It is completely portable across browsers.
  • You can be in Wetherby, Walkabout Creek or Washington, when you log in to BookmarkCommando all your favourite sites will be listed there.
  • Only one site to keep up to date – no more juggling different sets of bookmarks.
  • Lets you add and delete sites so you can tailor it to your own requirements.
  • Tell you how many times you visit each site.
  • Tells you if the links are still valid.

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